Adventures - Coffee and/or Cycling Experiences 

An exquisite Coffee & Cycling Experience above all!

FIF cycling is a unique group of Friends from all over the world who we now call ‘Family’ as we have been enjoying the world of cycling for the past 10 years since 2013.  

We share many memories together as we have enjoyed many local and international cycling events and many cups of coffee before during and after our rides..

What sets FIFBAKr apart is our dedication to not only curating the best Colombian coffee but also creating extraordinary single and multi-day local and international adventures that allow us to immerse ourselves in the world of Cycling (Road/Gravel) and Coffee while we celebrate how happy and lucky we are to be alive today.  The adventures are currently planned within the USA and also Colombia.

Current Adventures in the Planning Phase for 2024:

  • Mid-Year Coffee & Cycling Adventure in Colombia Southamerica
  • Oct/Nov End of Year Coffee & Cycling Adventure in Colombia Southamerica

Contact us if interested in more details and to keep updated on planning progress.