About Us

About FIFBAKr's Founder:  Alvaro Eraso

Alvaro Eraso - Born in Colombia South America and now based in the USA.

Crazy cyclist, barista, coffee roaster and coffee aficionado

Proud founder of FIF CYCLING & BAKr - Bikes and Kafé reserve: Where Health, Fitness, Friendship, and Flavor Collide!

FIF CYCLING was founded in 2013.  BAKr in 2023.   FIFBAKr in 2024!

Alvaro’s passions are to maximize the NOW and enjoy, learn and explore the world of cycling, coffee and 'grapes' in the company of family and friends.



An exquisite Coffee & Cycling Experience above all!

FIF cycling is a unique group of Friends from all over the world who we now called ‘Family’ as we have been enjoying the world of cycling for the past 10 years since 2013.  

We share many memories together as we have enjoyed many local and international cycling events and many cups of coffee before during and after our rides..

BAKr is the newly created ultimate haven for Individuals with Mind and Body Fitness at its core.   With the addition of BAKr to FIF, we have  seamlessly blended the enchanting realms of Coffee, Cycling and Friendship into a unique and unparalleled experience.

What sets FIFBAKr apart is our dedication to not only curating the best Colombian coffee but also creating extraordinary single and multi-day local and international adventures that allow us to immerse ourselves in the world of Cycling and Coffee while we celebrate how happy and lucky we are to be alive today.

The simple goals of FIF cycling and BAKr together are to make Every cup of coffee an experience, and Every Ride an Adventure!

As you know coffee and wine are the most intellectual, social and romantic beverages of our time.  And as you know cycling is one of the best sports and fitness activity ever created.  We believe we're just getting started on enjoying the benefits and the joys of combining them on our daily health & fitness activities.

Let's continue this journey together.  Welcome to FIF cycling & BAKr - FIFBAKr

Key & Unique Services.

  • Freshly imported Green Coffee from curated and exclusive Haciendas & Fincas in Colombia
  • Freshly roasted locally in NJ
  • Coffee Subscriptions to receive the best Colombian Coffee on a regular basis.
  • Coffee experiences - (minimum 6 people maximum 12)
    • Corporate team building exercise coffee  event
    • Private party / social / family gathering coffee experience
  • BAKr Coffee School - education
    • Home coffee lovers class level one
    • Home coffee lovers class level two
  • Local and international Day and Multi-day Cycling (Road/Gravel) and Kafé adventures (currently in the USA and Colombia)

About BAKr Coffee::

Our mission goes beyond offering exceptional coffee right from the source; it's about supporting selected Colombian coffee growers with a commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, and the regeneration of our beautiful land. 

Our goals are simple: To immerse with you in the world of Coffee and enjoy it while testing and learning a variety of methods that will allow you to appreciate even more the rich flavor, body and aroma of each coffee bean you brew.

 Current Offers:

  • San Francisco, Cundinamarca - Sweet, Floral and Tones of Orange 
  • Sierra Nevada - Black Chocolate, Sweet Caramel and Toasted Almond
  • Palestina, Caldas - Sweet, Floral and Tones of Orange
  • Chinchina, Caldas (Natural) – Delicate Sweet, Floral, Red Fruits
  • Nariño - Caramel, Quince, Red Apple, Sugar Plum

We cater retail and wholesale and also offer weekly/monthly subscriptions.

Currently we only offer Coffee in Whole Beans to preserve the optimal freshness